Bailes Global Resources Ltd
Portal cabin manufacturer company in Lagos, Nigeria
Portal cabin manufacturers in Lagos, Nigeria

Portal cabin manufacturer in Lagos, Nigeria

The company specializes in Design, Planning and construction of Civil Engineering structures.

We have over the years acquired various engineering equipment and highly skilled professionals for successful execution and completion of our various projects. The teams of professionals in the system are of proven track record in the following area of competence.

Turn-key engineering project.

Contruction of Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Turn-key Engineering-Preparation of engineering deliverables, Construction of structures and General project management.

Construction of Pre-engineered Building System-Design and construction of  portacabin, Steel buildings, Composite structures, Alternative green Buildings, Modular Coldrooms. And General fabrication.

Our challenging work environment is supported through team collaboration, which keeps the human resources constantly motivated.

We believe in our core value, which is the quality of services delivered to our numerous clients.