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Modular Building Construction

Modular construction involves assembling complete buildings using individual factory-built

modules. These steel-framed modules are manufactured to exacting tolerances under controlled

conditions, where construction is not impeded by poor weather or adverse site conditions. The

modules are fully fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before they

leave the factory. Once completed, the modules are transported to site by road, and then

craned into position. Modules are connected on site to create complete buildings, which can be

of any size and have multiple storeys.


                          Modular Building Interior 


                                        Modular Building Exterior


Benefits of modular construction

Modular construction is fast becoming the building method of choice for organisations looking for buildings

delivered quickly and on schedule, to assured quality standards and with minimal impact on the environment or

the local area.

No other method of construction can match modular building for speed of delivery, reduced

waste and disruption, and future flexibility.

Modular construction can deliver buildings up to 50% faster than traditional site-based construction methods


  • Factory-based construction minimises time on site - meaning less noise and disruption, as well as a

         cleaner, safer construction site

  • Cost and time certainty - modular building projects are not subject to weather-related delays or site-based skills shortages. In fact, We have a track record of delivering 99.9% of buildings on time and on budget. This compares favourably with the construction-industry average of just 59% delivered on time and 46% on budget3

Future flexibility - modular buildings can easily be expanded, reduced, reconfigured or even

relocated to meet your changing needs.

  • Guaranteed quality standards - we have quality-management systems, covering everything from

          office procedures to manufacturing processes, and for its environmental-management systems

  • Fewer defects - our zero tolerance policy towards defects means that all products meet strict quality

         standards before leaving the factory

  • Reduced waste - off-site construction generates up to 90% less waste than traditional on-site building



Fewer vehicle movements - modular construction results in 90% fewer vehicle movements to, from and on the construction site, reducing transport-related emissions and disruption

 Finished Modular Building