About Us

Modular Portacabin and Steel Structures

The Company has experience across a broad range of construction and property development activities. These range from Civil contruction work to Modular Portacabin, steel structures, commercial, retail, residential and industrial Buildings.
It specializes in design, planning and construction of Civil Engineering structures. It has over the years acquired highly skilled engineering personnel, equipment and software for development of model for successful execution of projects.The teams of professionals in the system are of proven track record in the following area of competence:

  • Portable modular cabins
  • Construction of pre-engineered building system
  • Fabrication of steel structures
  • Design and construction of reinforced concrete structures

Our track record of successfully providing turnkey solutions in project deliverables speaks of our strength in logistics as well as managing and operating workforce camps for an array of customers.

We are vast and well experienced working at remote and hostile industries in varied socio-economic-political, and environmental situations, we have been there in project locations perhaps before our customers set foot on the same. By not compromising on the quality grade for the products and services provided, the customer satisfaction that we attain is our competitive advantage. We are capable of adapting our solutions to the specifications that best suit the conditions that we might encounter at client premises.

We have over the years acquired various engineering equipment and highly skilled professionals for successful execution and completion of our various projects.