Portable Cabins (Portacabins)

Immediate Solutions For Those Who Require Additional Space Fast

Bailes GRL have been supplying and installing portable cabins since 2010. We offer a range of portacabins that can be customized to cater to all your requirements.

Our portable cabins go through a high-quality construction and installation process and offer the perfect solution to your building requirements. Our units are ideal for offices and commercial uses. They can accommodate as many people as you want at a time. From mess units to labour accommodations, to site offices, or ablution units and warehouses.

Modular Building

Balies GRL also provides  modular buildings that are used by our clients across the professional spectrum (including classrooms, health centers, office space and sports facilities ) for short and long term requirements. These buildings combine the comfort and reliability of a permanent building with the flexibility of ease movement.

Our modular buildings either single-storey, double-storey or higher are designed and assembled from scratch to your specific requirements at production site and can be expanded for future growth.
We offer bespoke modular building services, meaning our team can provide you with a purpose-built solution to all your needs.


Portacabin Projects